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Shark's Tooth Golf Club Receives Prestigious Recognition For Environmental Excellence

Environmental Accomplishments:
  • Southern boundary sets on Lake Powell, a 1737–acre Outstanding Florida Water, the largest coastal dune lake in the state of Florida
  • Distinctive aquatic ecosystem with fish species adapted to unique environment of fresh and brackish water.
  • 2.0 miles of shoreline of the golf course are buffered to protect Lake Powell
  • 276 acres are designated as preserved wetlands and uplands or 36% of the property.
  • Golf and preserved areas total 63% of the total property.
  • Protected corridors include live oak, cypress, titi, and coniferous wetlands
  • Florida state-listed plant species were found on the site and protected: Curtis’ sandgrass (Calamovilfa curtissii), parrot pitcher plant (Sarracenia psittacina), large-leaved jointweed (Polygnella macrophylla), and Gulf coast lupine (Lupinus westianus).
  • “Dry ponds” were created to serve as retention for drainage and were incorporated into the design of each golf hole.
  • Large quantities of Spartina bakeri were planted to provide a transition from wetlands to the native upland, to control erosion and provide a habitat for wildlife.
  • Landscaping consists of native species and transplanted shrubs and grasses to supplement existing connections between preserve upland patches and wetlands.
  • Native species selected were species native to Florida and even more desirable to the Bay county area.
  • Sensitive areas are protected by a vegetative buffer of at least 25 feet.
  • Water quality of water bodies and ground water is monitored on a regular basis.

About the Silver Signature Program

The Silver Signature Program is primarily a resource management and education program. It is similar to the Bronze Signature Program, with four important distinctions: 1) the project may include more than one new type of land use; 2) it may be located outside the continental United States and Canada; 3) Audubon Environmental prepares the Natural Resource Management Plan, which ensures full compliance with the requirements and spirit of the Signature Program; and 4) Audubon Environmental provides consultation, training, and education through additional site visits, to foster successful implementation of and long-term commitment to the NRMP. The goal of the Silver Signature Program is to integrate an ecosystem approach to construction and management and provide environmental education for those who live, work, and recreate in the community.


The Silver Signature Program is open to any kind of development, in the United States and Canada or beyond, and more than one land use change, such as development of a residential community with a golf course or other amenities. Any project in the planning stage, including a major redevelopment, may apply for membership in the program. Audubon International prefers and recommends that a project join the program before any construction work, including land clearing, begins and may reject an application if clearing has begun. In any event, projects are no longer eligible to join the Silver Signature Program after construction has moved from the clearing phase to installation of major infrastructure, such as an irrigation system or sewerage.
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