North American Birdwatching Open

On Saturday, April 12, we will be participating in the North American Birdwatching Open.  This is a bird count taken on golf courses, in conjunction with Audubon International.  We will be conducting the count on the three St. Joe golf courses in the area:  Camp Creek, The Origins, and Shark’s Tooth.  We really need some ‘expert’ birders to help us out.  Here are the details:

We will meet just before sunrise at the golf course maintenance buildings.  We would like to have two groups at Camp Creek and Shark’s Tooth, and one group for the Origins Course.  Electric golf carts will be waiting there for the participants.  Audubon International provides a checklist for us to use.  The groups head out and check off each bird species seen or heard within the boundaries of the golf course.  This generally takes 2-3 hours. 

We are allowed to count species over a 24 hour period, so if there is a group interested in coming out later, we can make arrangements for that.  In addition to the experts, we encourage anyone else who is interested to come along.  In order to move around easily, the groups should probably be no more than 6-8 people. 

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Geri Buchheit at Camp Creek Golf Club.  850.231.7612 (office), 850.541.2201(cell),
Thanks for your interest!         


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